Frankston Reservoir to the Bay October 22, 2022

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Our walk at Frankston reservoir was a small replacement for our Week of Walks planned for Echuca and the Barmah region, sadly cancelled due to the floods in northern Victoria. The Bureau of Meteorology was threatening more heavy rain and storms. As we drove towards the meeting point, the rain came down, and the freeways were slowed to 40 kph, with water on the road. It all seemed a bit silly to be going out, but it had been arranged, so there we were. Eight of us!! Umbrellas and waterproofs deployed. We stood under cover while people arranged their gear, and the leader provided a briefing. Then about one minute before we headed out, the rain stopped. Completely. And didn’t come back for the whole of the walk.

It was lovely. First we walked the Kookaburra track and the Heath track around the Frankston reservoir. We enjoyed delightful bushland, filled with birdsong, frogs croaking, and the sight of masses of sun orchids just about to open.  We also came upon some beautiful bright red funghi.

We came back to the picnic area for morning tea, then headed off down Sweetwater creek. Some of it was suburban walking, and some was in remnant bushland along the creek itself, which was in full flow due to the recent heavy rains. Unfortunately, in the lower reaches quite a bit of the undergrowth on steep hillsides has been taken over by noxious weeds. It reminds you how important it is to husband our bushland carefully. A lot of work is being done by Friends of Sweetwater Creek, to this end. The reserve has been provided excellent walking tracks and bridges to enable access.

At the outlet of the creek we came out onto the Bay, at the base of Oliver’s Hill. Lunch was taken sitting on the sea wall, listening to the waves.

The short walkers then returned by car to the start of the walk, and the long walkers returned up the other side of the creek, completing about a 14 km circuit. The bush was lovely, and they were treated to a close-up of a very attractive kookaburra.

To finish we shared a very pleasant afternoon tea in the picnic area, with hot drinks, carrot cake and conversation. Not bad, considering the ill-omened beginnings.