Grass-tree walk – Brisbane Ranges

Saturday 17 September 2022

Text M Liddell, photos ML and AM

The walk was to explore the northern end of the Burchell trail, as in past years we have already completed the first two sections.  Walking in early Spring, the hills and gullies were indeed a feast of wattles and grass-trees.

We twelve set out from the Boar Gully Campground under cold and threatening skies, going south to follow the park boundary trails, intending to intersect the Burchell Trail at Thompsons Rd. for lunch. Here the rain started and our leaders polled the group before deciding not to walk the Burchell Trail. Going a little further up the road we  took the Kangaroo Track to return by the trails we had come on. Several showers and a great clap of thunder kept us hurrying along and with each break in the rain sunshine broke through to lift our spirits.

There is indeed great pleasure in bushwalking in Spring, with the glistening bush, dotted with pristine grass-trees, flowering wattle and tiny orchids. The challenging experience of the last section of the Burchell trail remains for us to enjoy on another day in better weather.