Little Gem – Williamstown Foreshore

Photos by ML

After missing out on many of our planned Little Gems outings this year (thanks Covid), it was  a delight for 13 of us to meet for an exploration of the Williamstown foreshore. In the spirit of good environmentalism, most arrived by public transport, despite complicated connections, and trains being replaced by buses on the Williamstown line. So Hallelujah when our intrepid leader John L. decreed that our first point of interest was an excellent coffee shop with even more excellent cakes. It came complete with an introduction to Leila, an older silky terrier cross rescue dog.

We visited the main waterfront area, then headed off along the Point Gellibrand coastal heritage park. The signage there is plentiful, informative and entertaining, and provides a window into the very early days of Melbourne’s history. We co-opted Leila for a group photo shoot, but she apparently considered that sufficient physical activity for the day. Not so a delightful elderly Border Collie we met further on, who was still addicted to walks.

The weather was mild, but quite windy, giving an extra fillip to the outing, and free hairstyle rearrangements. The black swans seemed very much at home, blending in to the black rocky foreshore. In the background was a steady procession of container ships bound for the docks.

After lunch in the park, we wandered through the historic Williamstown Botanic Gardens,  established in 1856, which are very well maintained. At the heart of the gardens is a handsome eucalypt we greatly admired, and an extraordinary avenue of palms. On later research, it appears the eucalypt is a specimen of Tasmanian Blue Gum.

It was a relaxed outing, suited to shorter walkers, but with plenty of interest for all members. It provided a great opportunity to catch up with fellow MUAB members. All in all, it was a perfect Little Gem.