Mount Baw Baw Weekend – Arrival

Text Corrine Border, Photos, CB, ML.

On Saturday, everyone made it up the mountain. Eventually. Snow had been forecast earlier in the week so there was a slight frisson of excitement. Maybe there would be a lovely sprinkle on the snow gums…

However, the night before, things got interesting: conditions on Baw Baw were rapidly deteriorating and chains would be required to reach the village. No chains, no access.

A few km past Tanjil Bren, it was now snowing so heavily that many chose the safe option of having chains fitted at the resort Entry. A few tried to keep going without chains, only to find themselves marooned on the side of the road.  Others found that they had the wrong size chains, or that the chains were fitted on the wrong tyres. That lot were rescued by the snow plough. Two went up the wrong mountain! Most encountered a bit more adventure than they had bargained for.

Baw Baw village, when we made it there, was totally blanketed in snow, and it was still snowing. Trying to find our respective accommodations in the snow would have been completely chaotic if John Langford hadn’t tirelessly shepherded us around the village.

What of the planned afternoon walk? The majority decided that the morning had been arduous enough and either stayed home or went to the café. A handful followed John along the Beech trail, a magical white world of snow gums, Myrtle Beeches and Leptospermums, all bending under heavy layers of snow. On our way we met the Alpine Dingo Warragul and her mate Rowdy, involved in an attempt to increase the population of Alpine Dingoes. Friendly creatures, and apparently they find beanie pompons irresistible.

We didn’t last long, it was freezing, we were buffeted by the wind and the snow, and the light was about to fade. But the few who lasted the rather short distance returned exhilarated.