Picnic at Willsmere Park

MUAB Christmas Walk and Picnic

Text by Mick L, photos by Mick L and Joan K

Willsmere Park and the Darebin trails

There is a lovely inner-city park at end of Willow Grove, Kew just north of the M3, with a classic billabong, lots of shade trees, a toilet, and park benches. Five bridges have just been opened along The Yarra Cycle and Walking trail, tracing Darebin Creek north to all placed as far as Bundoora. In days of Covid-19 requiring social distancing, we replaced our usual backyard BBQ with individual picnics. Walking groups left at about 1:30pm to explore the area on a sunny day with a soft breeze. On return we set down picnics about 4pm and stayed till after 6pm, soaking up the sunshine and good fellowship.  

Sue C enjoys the walk on her mobility scooter.
Hiking? No problem!

Of special interest were two places missed by so many who walk here; the Napier Waller (Artist) Reserve and a delightful secret garden behind the Clark Rd homes. We are sure to visit here again, for there is more to explore.

We had about 25 members along to enjoy three walk choices. In the park there was a self-guided 1.5 km circuit around the enclosed billabong with lots of birds. Shorter Walkers were led out by John Langford for about 6 km of trail finding.  Longer Walkers guided by Mick Liddell took a 9 km loop out and back along both sides of Darebin creek, swinging around through the Darebin Parklands. This ex-quarry and industrial tip is now recognised as one of Melbourne’s finest parklands and owes its existence to the Friends of Darebin Creek, including our own Sue Course.