View over Sugarloaf Reservoir, with Cheng

Sugarloaf Reservoir Walk, 21st Nov. 2020

Harvey, Julie and John near the yacht club at Sugarlioaf Reservoir
Harvey, Julie and John near the yacht club at Sugarloaf Reservoir

Text by Harvey and Meri, photos Mick and Meri

Mick and Harvey led a delightful walk with a group of 10 plus 1 (so that we were all covid safe and adequately socially distanced) around the Sugarloaf Reservoir in the Christmas Hills.

It was so good to be back walking with the group after such a long time.

Echidna in the sunshine

The weather was fine and sunny and the walking relatively easy with several uphill stretches and, of course, the corresponding downhill ones. The walk was about 14 km and took us about five hours to complete, including a lunch break. A large echidna was closely observed enjoying the sunshine and didn’t seem too bothered by our presence. While we didn’t see any wedge tail eagles we did see several kangaroos.

Emerging from the undergrowth
Emerging from the undergrowth
Lunch at the viewpoint
Lunch spot

Meri led a group of 9 medium walkers from the Saddle Dam picnic area. Some of us scrambled up the side of the quarry for a look-see during morning tea. And most went to the top of the main hill where we had a gorgeous view of Sugarloaf Reservoir while having lunch. It was very pleasant walking on such a lovely day. All up we went nearly 11 km there and back, through the prettiest part of the circuit.

The medium walkers also had some wildlife experiences. We saw a very happy echidna, and a young and vibrantly coloured tiger snake that we intercepted while he was heading for a drink.

Can you spot the snake in the video, before it moves?