Lupton’s Track- Bunyip State Park

Report  on the Luptons Track and Button Grass Walks

Saturday 19 August 2023

The weather was inclement: fog and misty rain, but 10 hardy souls turned up on time at the Tynong North carpark ready for the Walk. The wet conditions made the loop along Luptons Track and down the very steep Guide Track to the Button Grass Walk too risky. After much discussion we decided to stay together as one group and follow the Button Grass walk, which was a beautiful festival of flowering wattles, and other wild flowers. After completing the Button Grass circuit a group of the more intrepid walkers went back up the Guide Track to the point where it was too steep slippery  and muddy, and retreated back to lunch at the picnic table by the pond.

All in all we had an enjoyable day despite the weather, and we will leave the Luptons Track for another day later in Spring.

Walk Leaders Julie Kidd and John Langford

Many thanks to Yvonne for the photograph of the walkers among the flowering wattles