Altona Wetlands to Williamstown

Seventeen members met for the ‘Orient Express’ to Altona and were fascinated and surprised by the beauty of the Altona pier, parks and beach walk along the foreshore. We began by walking the 10 km under an avenue of Norfolk Island pines towards open grasslands and across wetlands to where the Kororoit Creek enters the Port Phillip Bay. Along the way much enjoyment was had by finding Paisley Challis bird hide, Kororoit Creek Historic Fishing Village, constructed by ‘found objects’ and made comfortable with modern conveniences such as air conditioners, and onto Jawbone Flora and Fauna Reserve for lunch. Bird life was in abundance with some unique finds such as the blue crane. It is a well-known location for migratory birds to Australia. We set off early to beat the heat of the day (scheduled to be 29 degrees) and succeeded in doing so. An interesting and enjoyable day was had by all.


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